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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 August 2006, 14:47 GMT 15:47 UK
Commute Suit 'solves Tube hell'
Liam Yeates in Commute Suit
Prongs on the knees and elbows help keep people away
An artist has showcased the Commute Suit, his solution to the daily problem of sweaty, squashed journeys on London's public transport network.

Liam Yeates, 36, revealed the navy pin-striped suit, complete with fan, water and flashing lights, to commuters at Liverpool Street Tube station.

He said he came up with the concept after getting fed up with being "hemmed in with someone's armpit in my face".

The suit includes seat savers including a spoon dripping with plastic yoghurt.

There are also prongs on the knees and elbows and an electric fan disguised as a briefcase.

Mr Yeates said: "I developed a suit to keep people away and get round the problems of travelling on the Tube."

He added he had received some positive feedback, and would be trying it out on the Northern and Central Lines, and in Oxford Street and Leicester Square Tube stations.

Previously, the conceptual artist courted controversy with an installation of an amorous couple living in a bed in a Soho window.

Bed art promotes 'safe sex'
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