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Woman guilty of stalking doctor
Maria Marchese
Maria Marchese hounded Dr Jan Falkowski for three years
A stalker who "terrorised" a doctor with threatening texts, emails and phone messages has been warned she may face a long jail sentence.

Jurors heard Maria Marchese, 45, hounded Dr Jan Falkowski, 45, for three years and falsely accused him of rape.

Marchese, of Bow, east London, also sent death threats to Dr Falkowski's then-fiancee Deborah Pemberton.

At Southwark Crown Court she was found guilty of harassment and charges of threats to kill.

Marchese was also convicted of perverting the course of justice after the three-week trial.

The court heard she embarked on a campaign of abuse between October 2002 and September 2003.

As well as sending messages declaring undying love for the psychiatrist she warned Ms Pemberton that she would be "burnt down in her wedding dress" if she dared marry him.

Dr Jan Falkowski
Dr Jan Falkowski and his fiancee eventually split up

Eventually the couple called off their wedding and separated.

Marchese also falsified DNA evidence against the doctor by retrieving one of his condoms from a rubbish bin to back up claims that he raped her, the court heard.

Judge John Price told her: "You got into their lives in the most extraordinary way and found out about their day-to-day existence.

'Nightmare finally over'

"You have gone to the most extraordinary lengths of accusing him of rape...that could have left him with a prison sentence. You have terrorised them.

"It is my humane hope that something can be done for you - if not, you are going to prison for a very long time."

In a statement released after the verdict Dr Falkowski said he was relieved his "nightmare" was finally over.

But he also said he had been the victim of numerous failures in the legal system and called for anonymity in rape cases to extend to the accused until the trial.

Harrowing experiences

As a result of Marchese's claims he was charged with rape in 2004 but cleared in 2005.

He said he hoped the case would ensure stalking victims are taken seriously in the future.

"I hope that by reading about our harrowing experiences of being stalked, other victims of stalking and of rape allegations will feel that they are not alone," he added.

Sentencing was adjourned until 22 September to allow reports to be carried out.

An interview with the doctor who was stalked

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