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Last Updated: Friday, 28 July 2006, 17:09 GMT 18:09 UK
Mayor mulls bicycle number plates
The mayor wants to improve cycling standards
Number plates for bicycles are being considered by the mayor in a bid to improve cycling standards.

Ken Livingstone believes bicycles and their owners should be registered so that law-breakers can be caught.

He was responding to a plea from a listener on a live radio phone-in show, who wanted cyclists off pavements.

The RAC Foundation and British Cycling, the sports' governing body, said the proposal was "impractical, bureaucratic and dangerous".

'Lycra louts'

"I'm now persuaded we should actually say that bikes and their owners, should be registered," Mr Livingstone said on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast.

"There should be a number plate on the back so that the ones breaking the law, we can get them off the cameras."

Mr Livingstone said he would look at getting a private bill passed through parliament with the support of all London boroughs.

Peter King, chief executive of British Cycling, said only a "tiny minority of cyclists" were at fault of flouting road regulations.

He added: "More could be achieved by promotion of mutual respect between both groups of road users."

Edmund King, of the RAC Foundation, said: "We need to encourage cycling rather than put people off."

He suggested police community support officers should be used to target a "small minority of lycra louts".

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