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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2006, 14:37 GMT 15:37 UK
Helicopter noise 'misery' claims
The heliport is allowed up to 12,000 landings and take-offs a year
Residents living near London's only heliport have said the volume of traffic is making their life a misery.

They said the noise from helicopter movements at London's only heliport in Battersea, west London, was "terrible".

The London Assembly is carrying out an investigation into the impact of any increase in helicopter traffic and noise has had on Londoners.

Heliport operator Weston Aviation said it does not exceed its annual allowance of 12,000 helicopter movements.

Noise complaints

Resident Cass Allen said: "When the helicopters go by you can't hear on the phone. "It's impossible to stay outside because the helicopters roar by our side of the river too low and too frequently."

Residents say helicopter traffic is worse when there is a big event on such as the Wimbledon tennis championships or the Farnborough Air show.

Murad Qureshi, of the London Assembly, said: "One of the things we do need to deal with is how people can put forward their complaints about helicopter noise."

London Assembly's environment committee will publish its report on helicopter noise in October.

But helicopter pilot Mike Smith, a former Radio 1 DJ in the eighties, said there should be more helicopters to ease the pressure on Battersea.

"This city thrives on its economy, " he said. "The sort of people who use Battersea heliport are global executives who can use a heliport in any city of the world.

"If you get rid of the one in London, they will go somewhere else and the economy will suffer."

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