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Sister gave fake alibi for murder
Sade Adeyoola
Sade was 15 when she committed the crime
The sister of teenager who murdered an elderly woman has been given a two year detention order for trying to provide her with a false alibi.

Sade Adeyoola, 16, was sentenced at the Old Bailey after being found guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice at an earlier hearing.

Kemi Adeyoola, 18, was ordered to serve at least 20 years in jail, a fortnight ago, for murdering Anne Mendel, 84.

Mrs Mendel was stabbed 14 times in Golders Green, north London, in 2005.

The girls, from Camden, north London, are the daughters of property management millionaire Bola Adeyoola.

Mr Adeyoola, who is divorced from their mother, said he had disowned them and described what Kemi did as "evil".

'No scruples'

On Wednesday Judge Richard Hone lifted an order banning the identification of Sade, who was 15 when she committed the crime.

He said the sisters were dishonest and manipulative and had "no scruples when it comes to looking after your own interests".

The court heard that after Kemi's arrest for the murder, at Mrs Mendel's home, she had plotted with Sade to find a fake witness.

A newspaper advert was used to urge someone to contact their solicitor to say Kemi had been on a bus at the time of the killing, but the scheme failed.

During the murder trial the court was told that while she was serving a previous sentence for shoplifting, Kemi hatched a blueprint on how she would kill an elderly victim after robbing them.

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