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Millionaire father disowns killer
Kemi Adeyoola
Adeyoola was privately educated
The millionaire father of Kemi Adeyoola, the teenager who killed 84-year-old Anne Mendel, says he has disowned her.

Bola Adeyoola, a property management tycoon, described what she did as "evil".

He said: "When I saw Mrs Mendel's picture, I started crying.

"If I was a member of that lady's family, I don't know what my reaction would be.

"As a Christian, I can't believe anyone would do that. What she did was evil. She is no longer my daughter. I don't even like her."

He said Adeyoola had not had a deprived childhood but that he had lost touch with her when, aged 11, she was taken away by her mother following a row over money.

Adeyoola was privately educated and her mother is said to have received a 4 million settlement on her divorce.

But he said he passed money and messages to her through her grandparents. He blamed his daughter's obsession with money and material goods on her mother.

"Kemi was very kind, very loving when she was young," said her father. "She has changed."

'No respect'

Mr Adeyoola, a former boxer, whose business involves letting houses in Slough, Berkshire, said he tried to help Adeyoola and a friend of hers on their release from Bullwood Hall young offenders' institution in Essex.

"I tried to help but she threw it back in my face," he said.

The girls were given a flat to live in but after their three-month licence period elapsed, they reacted violently against his advice to go straight.

"They just left," he said. "They came up to my office and smashed it up. I don't think they have respect for me. I don't think they have respect for anyone."

After leaving Slough, the girls moved into an 800-a-month house in leafy Belsize Square, Hampstead, north London.

They claimed they paid the rent by earning up to 5,000 a week as escorts on dates but there was never any proof of this.

Police said the girls were prolific shoplifters, targeting high street stores and altering receipts to get refunds for stolen goods.

After a number of sentences were deferred by courts, she found herself in Bullwood Hall again for three months.

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