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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 April 2006, 17:14 GMT 18:14 UK
Officer's Met race claim reviewed
Gurpal Virdi
Mr Virdi returned to work in 2002
An Asian detective taking his force to employment tribunal for the second time says he was blocked from promotion.

Det Sgt Gurpal Virdi said he was turned down for a scheme and also was refused extra time to take a promotion exam - despite having a cyst on his eye.

The Metropolitan police force in London, and training group Centrex deny discriminating against Det Sgt Virdi.

The pre-hearing review being held this week will decide if the case should proceed.

Det Sgt Virdi's argument that he had been discriminated against on the grounds of disability, because of his eye problems, won the backing of the tribunal on Tuesday.

Discrimination and victimisation

The two-day tribunal has yet to rule on whether he was discriminated against when he was turned down for a scheme which could have helped him gain promotion.

The Sikh officer is accusing the Met of race discrimination and victimisation. He accuses both the force and Centrex of disability discrimination. They both deny the allegations.

In 2002 Det Sgt Virdi won compensation and an apology from the Metropolitan Police, after being falsely accused of sending hate mail to colleagues.

A tribunal ruled there was no evidence he sent the mail and found he had been the victim of racist discrimination.

A Met spokeswoman said it would be "inappropriate" to discuss the current case while the employment tribunal proceedings were continuing.


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