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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 April 2006, 14:59 GMT 15:59 UK
Immigration hunger strike denied
Colnbrook immigration removal centre
People are held at the centre before being deported
Reports detainees at an immigration centre are on mass hunger strike have been denied by the Home Office.

A newspaper report suggested more than 100 inmates were on the sixth day of a hunger strike at the Colnbrook removal centre near Heathrow.

But the Home Office said that while there have been a number of cases of people refusing individuals meals, only one has refused food altogether.

Campaign group London No Borders claims up to 90 people are on hunger strike.

They said it began a week ago, after a demonstration calling for detainees to be released was held outside the west London removal centre.

'Depressing picture'

A spokesman said people were held at the centre before being deported, but in some cases they had ended up being there for years.

"From the conversations we have had with people, it's quite a depressing picture," he said.

"The person we have been in contact with this week..said he would kill himself if he was not released."

However Premier Custodial Group, the firm that runs the centre, said nobody is in need of medical assistance.

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