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Last Updated: Friday, 14 April 2006, 11:32 GMT 12:32 UK
Fathers stay put in Abbey protest
Dummy and protesters
The protesters climbed about 40ft up the abbey
Two protesters campaigning for fathers' rights have spent the night 40ft up Westminster Abbey.

The pair, from the Real Fathers for Justice group, scaled the historic landmark on Thursday.

They had planned to dress as Romans for a crucifixion stunt on Good Friday but police seized their costumes, sleeping bags and supplies, a spokesman said.

Real Fathers for Justice is a splinter group of the high profile Fathers 4 Justice, which disbanded in January.

The men, aged 30 and 48 and from the North East, carried a dummy on a cross with them, claiming it symbolised fathers being "crucified" by the courts over access to their children.

Their spokesman said the older of the two had not seen his child for four years.

Easter services

"They are two very tough guys. One of them doesn't have a lot to lose," said their spokesman.

A spokesman for the abbey said he expected Easter services to go ahead, although access through the West Front, where the protesters are positioned, is not possible.

The original Fathers 4 Justice group disbanded after three years of audacious stunts to highlight the cause of men denied access to their children.


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