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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 05:49 GMT 06:49 UK
Poll reveals cycle theft hotspots
Half a million bikes are stolen each year in the UK
Kingston upon Thames in south-west London is the most notorious place for bicycle thefts, a report has found.

Half a million bikes, with a value of more than 113m, are stolen every year in the UK, according to figures from Halifax General Insurance.

More than half of the thefts take place directly outside the home and 14% of bikes are taken from inside the home.

Other areas which had a high rate of bicycle thefts last year include Cambridge, Bristol and Oxford.

Vicky Emmott, of Halifax, said pressure to use greener transport combined with the July bombings had led to a resurgence in people riding bikes.

"Cyclists should ensure that their bikes are post-coded, securely locked and out of view.

"Given the amount of warnings and the low cost of purchasing of a good lock, it is surprising that so many people still leave their bicycles unsecured," she said.

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