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Last Updated: Friday, 31 March 2006, 00:23 GMT 01:23 UK
74% say Olympics good for London
London Olympics banner
Most say the Olympics will be good for London
Almost three-quarters of Londoners agree the 2012 Olympic Games will be good for the city, a survey has shown.

The poll conducted for the Greater London Authority also revealed 47% were satisfied with work of mayor Ken Livingstone.

But 35% of the 1,004 people questioned were dissatisfied with him.

On transport, 83% supported free Tube travel for under-11s and 88% wanted over ground stations staffed throughout their opening hours.

The poll carried out by Mori showed 68% support the Tour de France coming to London and 85% want over ground rail networks to accept Oyster cards

Massive investment

Some 66% agreed the British press were right not to print cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad and 57% support the introduction of fines for not recycling.

Mr Livingstone said: "This poll highlights that Londoners understand the Games will benefit the whole capital, not only with access to the world's greatest sporting event on our door step, but with the massive investment coming to the city and the vast number of job opportunities that will be generated."

He added: "The figures in this poll could not be more clear. 88% of Londoners believe the rail companies should staff their stations at all times.

"I hope they will now listen to their customers on both this issue and on the use of Oyster cards on their network.

"I have shown the way with funding for additional British Transport Police on parts of the network. It is time for the train companies to play their part."


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