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New e-fit in model murder probe
E-fits of Sally Anne suspects released in 2006 (left) and 2005
Two e-fits of the murder suspect have been released
Police hunting the killer of Sally Anne Bowman have released a new e-fit of the suspect six months after her murder.

The sex attack and murder of the 18-year-old in South Croydon, south London, has been forensically linked to an indecent assault in 2001.

Now that victim has attempted to recall a description of her attacker for the latest image.

Ms Bowman, an aspiring model, was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death yards from her home last September.

Phone box attack

The unnamed victim from 2001 had been making a call in a phone box in Purley Cross, in Croydon, when the suspect exposed himself and performed an indecent act before trying to get into the booth.

A Metropolitan Police statement said the victim had made every effort to recall his description four years after the attack, and they believed the image was how Sally Anne's killer would have looked in July 2001.

Sally Anne Bowman on the catwalk
Sally Anne Bowman was murdered near her home

An e-fit of a suspect was first released last October.

It was based on a description from a victim of a robbery in Sanderstead Road, South Croydon, less than an hour before Sally Anne was murdered.

Det Ch Insp Stuart Cundy said: "The victim of the 2001 attack is the one person I know who definitely saw the face of Sally Anne's murderer.

"This is a man who may appear quite normal and may never have been in trouble with police before.

"However, he is also out and about in the side streets of South Croydon during the early hours, he has carried a knife, he has exposed himself before, his behaviour may even have changed since September last year."

Sally Anne bitten by her killer
24 Nov 05 |  London

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