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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 May 2006, 16:00 GMT 17:00 UK
Gunmen jailed for gangland murder
Jahmall Moore
Jahmall Moore, 24, was the father of two young children
Two gunmen have been jailed for life for murdering a rival as part of a series of "tit for tat" shootings.

Roberto Parchment and Romain Whyte were part of a group which opened fire on a car in Harlesden, north London.

Driver Jahmall Moore, 24, was shot five times but stayed alive long enough to name his killer, the Old Bailey heard.

Police said the gangland feud between former friends had so far claimed at least two lives and had resulted in several shootings and murder attempts.

The dispute started when Whyte's girlfriend's home was burgled in May 2004, the court heard.

'Cold-blooded execution'

The next day a man, known to Mr Moore, was shot dead.

A spate of attacks followed, culminating in the murder of father-of-two Mr Moore in January 2005.

He was in his car in Harlesden when four men surrounded his car and started firing.

He managed to get out and roll into a garden, staying alive long enough to name his killer as "Rufus, Roberto", later identified as Parchment's nickname.

The background of this case comes close to gang warfare with tit-for-tat shootings which have become all too prevalent
Judge Peter Rook

Parchment and Whyte, both from Kenton in north London, denied murder. They were sentenced to minimum terms of 28 years and 27 years respectively.

Judge Peter Rook told them: "You were active members of a shooting party and it was plainly a cold blooded execution.

"The background of this case comes close to gang warfare with tit-for-tat shootings which have become all too prevalent."

Outside court, police said there had been various shootings, attempted murders and at least one other murder linked to the feud.

Det Supt Neil Basu, of Scotland Yard's specialist gun crime unit Operation Trident said: "As a result of this feud, Whyte and Parchment tracked Jahmall Moore down and callously shot him without a thought for his family and children.

"Their lives will never be the same".

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