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Grandmother dies at tragedy site
Satwant Sodhi and Navjeet Sidhu, pic from British Transport Police
Satwant Sodhi was inconsolable after her daughter's death
A mother left inconsolable after her daughter and grandchildren were killed under a train, has died at the same stretch of railway track.

Less than six months after the first tragedy, Satwant Sodhi returned to Southall station in west London.

The 56-year-old stood in the path of the 1030 First Great Western Train from Bristol to Paddington on Tuesday.

Last August, Navjeet Sidhu, 27, and her daughter Simran, five, died instantly. Her 23-month-old son Aman died later.

'No comfort'

All three had been struck by a Heathrow Express train travelling at 100mph.

Mrs Sidhu had called her husband shortly before jumping and he had appeared at the station to see his toddler son lying on the tracks, the opening of an inquest heard.

At the time, Mrs Sodhi said in a statement how losing them would "leave a void that will never be filled".

Navjeet Sidhu and her two children, who died in August
All three were struck by a Heathrow Express train travelling at 100mph

Mrs Sodhi's family said that following the death of her only daughter and grandchildren, she had been left "completely inconsolable".

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Sehgal family said: "No matter how, as a family, we tried to help, she could not find comfort in anything or anyone.

"She will be missed dearly and we can only seek solace in knowing that she is now in peace with the family."

It added that the remaining family members must now try to come to terms with the loss and "this incomprehensible chain of events".

The grandmother was identified by her fingerprints at Uxbridge mortuary on Wednesday.

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