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Four life terms for sex attacker
Lee Kilty
Lee Kilty was a loner who worked with disabled children
A youth worker has been given four life sentences for a series of sex attacks on women walking alone in the street.

Lee Kilty, 21, from Adams Walk, Fulham, struck three times in west London near his home between April and June last year, the Old Bailey heard.

The judge said no other sentence could be passed because of the need to protect women from serious harm.

Kilty admitted the attempted murder and attempted rape of one woman and attempting to strangle two others.

Two of his victims were in court to hear Kilty, who worked with disabled children in Notting Hill, plead guilty to the attacks.

When I came round I hurt - I was sore and alone
26-year-old woman

One repeatedly broke down in tears as details of the attack were outlined by prosecution counsel.

His first victim was walking to her boyfriend's house when she was grabbed around the neck and throttled.

"He slammed my head really hard in the concrete twice. I knew I was alive but very close to death. I blacked out. When I came round I hurt. I was sore and alone," said the 26-year-old woman.

She was in hospital for 13 days and had surgery to repair a fractured eye socket, the court heard.

His other victims were not as seriously hurt but suffered shock and lacked confidence afterwards.

'So crazy'

His second victim, a 29-year-old, said Kilty had threatened to kill her.

"I was frightened. I became weaker and weaker. I felt he was going to rape me. All his attention was on me - on strangling me.

"He seemed so crazy. The last thing I remember him saying was 'I am going to kill you'."

A 21-year-old student who was grabbed around the neck as she left a restaurant was Kilty's last victim. He was later identified by DNA matches to his first and second victims.

Judge Gerald Gordon said: "The psychological damage is going to be long-term or permanent."

One victim described how her dreams and chances of a better life had been destroyed, another had lost her confidence and the first victim will remain scarred.

"It is clear she has been deeply scarred psychologically and that may be life-long," judge Gordon added.

Youth worker admits sex attacks
04 Apr 05 |  London

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