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Pc murder evidence 'persuasive'
Pc Patrick Dunne
Patrick Dunne was killed by a single shot to the chest
The evidence against a man accused of murdering a bouncer and a policeman in 1993 is overwhelming, a court heard.

Gary Nelson, 36, of Woolwich, south-east London, denies killing William Danso and Pc Patrick Dunne in Clapham, south London.

But prosecutor Richard Horwell said he had a motive and forensic, visual and phone evidence put him at the scene.

The evidence was "highly persuasive" and jurors should ask why Mr Nelson had decided not to give evidence, he said.

'Laughing assassins'

Mr Horwell said: "Nelson blames almost everyone and almost everything for his predicament... but if you convict Nelson, as we invite you to do, he will have no one to blame but himself."

Pc Dunne was investigating a minor domestic dispute in Cato Road, Clapham, on 20 October 1993, when he heard gunshots from the house opposite.

William Danso
Mr Danso was shot to death

Inside, Mr Danso was being shot dead by a gang of "laughing assassins", the trial has heard.

As the policeman stepped outside to investigate further, he was hit by a single shot to the chest.

The trial heard that the accused was a man with an "extraordinary short fuse" who had a grudge against Mr Danso for showing him "disrespect".

In his closing address Mr Horwell told jurors the evidence against Mr Nelson was overwhelming.

Mobile phone evidence put him in the area minutes before the shooting, his BMW was spotted nearby and the weapons were found wrapped in a plastic bag which had Mr Nelson's mother's fingerprint on it, the court heard.

And there were three alleged "confessions", two made to police, one to a fellow inmate, in which he alluded to killing Pc Dunne, jurors were told.

The trial was adjourned until Tuesday.

No evidence from murder accused
08 Feb 06 |  London

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