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Last Updated: Monday, 13 February 2006, 17:27 GMT
Savoy welcomes modern-day Monets
Peter Brown, the Savoy Hotel's new artist-in-residence
Mr Brown hopes to create a modern take on Monet's London
London's Savoy Hotel is offering artists a chance to paint in some of the rooms that inspired past masters such as Claude Monet.

They will be put up free of charge in some of the hotel's most popular suites under the artist-in-residence scheme.

Monet is said to have painted over 70 canvases of London while staying at the hotel nearly a century ago.

Savoy spokesman Pam Carter said the idea was to highlight the hotel's links with celebrated artists.

The Monet view

Painters James McNeil Whistler, Oscar Kokoschka and Andy Warhol are among other acclaimed artists to have stayed at the hotel.

"Over the years, we have had many inquiries about the artists who stayed here," said Ms Carter.

She said the scheme aims to give modern artists a chance to recreate the Monet view but with today's architecture.

Peter Brown, from Bath, who specialises in London landscapes, is the first of three artists so far selected under the scheme.

Their work will be placed on exhibition in the hotel and copies will be available to guests for purchase.

Mr Brown, who will be staying for a week in the 1,200-a-night Monet Suite, described the opportunity as "thrilling and daunting".

Hear from the first artist in residence

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