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Last Updated: Friday, 10 February 2006, 18:05 GMT
Heroin gang leader admits crimes
Abdullah Baybasin
Abdullah Baybasin faces a long prison sentence
A drugs gang boss who intimidated Kurdish citizens in London has been convicted of conspiracy to blackmail.

Abdullah Baybasin, 45, used a gang of foot soldiers to racketeer, import drugs and instill fear into the Kurdish community, a court was told.

He admitted conspiracy to blackmail and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice at Woolwich Crown Court.

Baybasin, of Edgware, who was convicted of conspiracy to supply heroin earlier, is due to be sentenced in March.

Eleven men have been convicted and have either been jailed or are awaiting sentence.

The gang specialised in extortion and protection rackets and enforced their will on the Kurdish community by kidnap and death threats. Police said they routinely carried guns.

Detective Chief Inspector Robin Plummer, of the National Crime Squad, said the gang had intimidated people for years.

"Threats were made with firearms, they'd quite often go with armoured machetes, baseball bats and smash premises up," he said.

"People were kidnapped against their will, brought to premises, threats were made."

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