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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 July, 2005, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK
Bus bomb driver's defiant message
George Psaradakis reading his message

The driver of the London bus destroyed in Thursday's bombing has said Britain will never be defeated by terrorists.

George Psaradakis, 49, read out a message of sympathy to the families of the 13 people who died when the bomb exploded on the number 30 bus.

He was surrounded by colleagues as he spoke at Stratford depot, east London, just before noon on Thursday.

Addressing the bombers and their accomplices, he said: "You will not defeat us, you will not break us."

It was also revealed that one of people who died on the bus, Shahara Islam, a 20-year-old bank worker, was the daughter of a fellow bus driver.

A week ago I took my No 30 bus out from here on a journey which ended as a nightmare
George Psaradakis

Her father Shamsul Islam works for Stagecoach and is based at Barking in east London.

Mr Psaradakis said: "A week ago I took my No 30 bus out from here on a journey which ended as a nightmare.

"What happened to my passengers and to passers-by was truly dreadful. I did what I could to help them.

"I send my thoughts at this time to the families of the innocent victims, especially my fellow colleague at Barking garage whose daughter lost her life on my bus.

"In today's silence we remember them. With quiet dignity and respect we show our deep contempt for those who planted the bombs and those who masterminded them."

Mr Psaradakis' courage was praised earlier this week by Chancellor Gordon Brown when the two men met at the Transport and General Workers Union 's bi-annual conference in Blackpool.

London survivor speaks out a week after the bombings

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