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Singer denies being drug dealer
Les McKeown
Les McKeown's band had success in the 1970s
Former Bay City Rollers singer Les McKeown has admitted in court he is a drug user but denied being a dealer.

Mr McKeown, 50, from Hackney, east London, told Basildon Crown Court that he had not been involved in any plot to supply or deal in cocaine.

He is accused of setting up a drug deal in a car park in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

Ex-Bay City Rollers guitarist Patrick McGlynn and Alistair Murray, both from Edinburgh, also deny conspiracy to supply cocaine.

'Buying a car'

Mr McKeown is accused of setting up a meeting in May 2005, between Mr McGlynn, Mr Murray and Tony Burt, to buy 16,000 worth of the drug with the aim of selling it on.

The court heard that police found 16,000 in cash in Mr McGlynn and Mr Murray's car and a CD with a line of cocaine on it.

It was also claimed they found 16,000 worth of 80% pure cocaine in a car Burt was sitting in.

Burt, 48, of Barkingside, north-east London, and Abbott, 33, of Limehouse, east London, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine at a hearing last July.

Jurors heard that Mr McKeown, Mr McGlynn and Burt contacted each other more than 30 times by mobile phone on the day of the alleged meeting.

But Mr McKeown told the court he thought Mr McGlynn was meeting Burt in order to buy a car.

'Drug habit' denied

Mr McKeown denied having "anything to do with supplying cocaine" but said: "I have taken it - maybe two or three times a year."

Mr McGlynn told jurors he had driven to meet Burt to buy a car and that Mr Murray had given him a lift from Edinburgh so he could drive the new car back.

He said he had been surprised to see cocaine on the CD but had snorted it to "cheer himself up".

He denied knowing Burt was a drug dealer or having a "chronic drug habit" at the time he was arrested.

The trial continues.

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