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Ambulance killers jailed for life
Left to right: Christian Sakyi, Narcis Danila and Gabriel Alecu
The judge said the defendants used 'unbelievable brutality'
Four men have been jailed for life for murdering a young Romanian man in the back of an ambulance.

They were part of a gang which clubbed Eugen Breahna to death in Bounds Green, north London, in a suspected turf war between Eastern European gangs.

The judge told them: "Having hunted him down in a pack, you beat him to death."

Zak Mayanja, 18, Narcis Danila, 22, Christian Sakyi, 18 and Gabriel Alecu, 30, all from east London, had denied murdering Mr Breahna in January 2005.

The fact that violence was in their minds can be of little dispute
Aftab Jafferjee

The Old Bailey heard between 15 and 20 men, armed with baseball bats, golf clubs and iron bars arrived at Bounds Green Tube station on 19 January last year.

Largely Romanian, they had recruited some locals to confront another, smaller group of Romanians who lived nearby, the court heard.

They used their mobile phones to announce: "We are coming" to intimidate their rivals, said prosecutor Aftab Jafferjee.

"The fact that violence was in their minds can be of little dispute," he added.

Victim Eugen Breahna
Mr Breahna had sought refuge in the ambulance

The Old Bailey trial had heard that Mr Breahna, 22, was targeted as part of a turf war between eastern European gangs over cash machine scams.

He was alone when he was chased down by the large gang, running into an ambulance where he thought he would be safe, the court heard.

But the men flooded in through the back and front doors, brought him down and beat him to death, the court heard.

Judge Anthony Morris said: "The paramedic who was in the cab of the ambulance said he had never witnessed such violence in his life.

"It seemed everybody wanted to take part in the assault and the focus of the assault was very definitely the victim's head.

"Other witnesses also gave evidence of seeing almost unbelievable brutality."

The judge said Alecu would serve at least 21 years in prison, while the rest would serve a minimum of 16 years.

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