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Galloway gets cat food delivery
Labour supporters in cat masks
Labour sent three activists dressed as cats to Mr Galloway's home
Labour activists delivered cat food to the London home and office of Respect MP George Galloway after his Celebrity Big Brother eviction on Wednesday.

Three girls dressed in cat masks arrived at his home in Cheshire St, east London, with the cans.

The taunt was in reaction to the MP imitating a cat while in the Big Brother House.

It came as the MP, who won Bethnal Green and Bow in last year's general election, faced calls to stand down.

I don't think he has got any support now. People are so upset
Abdus Salique
Traders' association chairman

The stunt on Thursday morning was organised by members of the Tower Hamlets branch of the Labour Party, after Mr Galloway pretended to be a cat and drank milk from the hand of actress Rula Lenska on TV.

The activists then drove to Mr Galloway's office at Club Row, where they presented 96 tins of cat food to Mr Galloway's parliamentary assistant, Rob Hoveman.

"From Mr Tony Blair, is it? You are all from the Labour Party. He doesn't have any cats but I'm sure, if you take this to a cat's home, they will appreciate it," Mr Hoveman said.

Other Labour supporters stood nearby waving placards that said "No respect".

Some of George Galloway's former supporters in his east London constituency say the MP should resign now he has left the Big Brother house.

George Galloway leaving the Big Brother house
Mr Galloway's antics in Big Brother have attracted much comment

Curry house owner Shiraz Haque told BBC London: "He ruined himself, he should pack up and resign."

The Respect MP defended his three-week stay: "Our task is to take politics to the people. That's what I do for a living, and that's what I will continue to do."

Respect Party spokesman John Rees said: "I think Respect... has managed to get its message across, I think George in the house has had a very difficult job."

He added the show was designed to humiliate and degrade the people in it.

"It's set up so they start fighting each other like laboratory rats."

Back in Brick Lane, chairman of the traders' association Abdus Salique told BBC London: "I don't think he has got any support now.

"People are so upset, even the people who desperately asked people to vote for him, they have also talked to me - they are really upset about the whole thing."

Respect says that much of the criticism of Mr Galloway has been politically motivated.

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