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War post staff's bravery honoured
Postmen empty a pillar box buried in rubble in Second World War
Postmen empty a pillar box buried in rubble in Second World War
Postal staff who kept communication lines running during World War II, despite dangerous conditions, are being celebrated at an exhibition.

Photographs depicting their work and post boxes from the era will be on display at the Living Museum in St James's Park in central London.

Post staff would collect mail from boxes near to where bombs had struck and were being diffused.

Telephone operators often carried on working through air raids.

The exhibition is being staged by the British Postal Museum and Archive. Libby Buckley, from the archive, said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to commemorate the outstanding contribution to the war effort that was made by GPO staff, and to remember those who gave their lives.

"Their contribution served as a lifeline to military operations, morale and business and should never be forgotten."

In July 1941, Post Office staff were instructed that: "All members of staff must know that it is their duty to stand firm and to carry on with their normal vocations... unless they are definitely instructed to the contrary."

The exhibition runs until the 60th anniversary of the end of the war next weekend.

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