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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006, 21:40 GMT
Cathedrals receive vital funding
Westminster Cathedral
The grants will pay of essential repairs
Three London cathedrals are to share a 60,000 grant from English Heritage towards repair and maintenance work.

They are Southwark Cathedral, St George's Cathedral in Southwark, south London, and Westminster Cathedral.

The funding is part of 1m in hand-outs from English Heritage to 25 cathedrals around the country.

Since the funding scheme for cathedrals was launched in 1991, some 41m has been spent on some of England's most historic buildings.

Southwark Church of England Cathedral is receiving 26,000 to improve fire protection and safety.

Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral will spend its 14,000 grant on structural surveys to enable effective future repairs.

St George's Roman Catholic Cathedral will spend its 20,000 funding on roof repairs.

Patrick Pugh, of English Heritage, said: "London's cathedrals are among its greatest architectural and cultural treasures.

"It is essential that the fabric of these magnificent buildings is kept in good repair."


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