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Last Updated: Friday, 1 July, 2005, 12:30 GMT 13:30 UK
Buskers' takings given to Live 8
Buskers on the London Underground (LU) have staged a special show to raise funds for Live 8.

Dubbed Busk 8, the two-hour concert at Canary Wharf Tube station saw musicians entertain commuters in aid of the Make Poverty History campaign.

The event was organised by duo Sally and Jonny who wanted to do their bit for the Live 8 event on Saturday.

Busking was legalised on the Tube in 2001. There are now 289 licensed musicians at stations across the city.

Anti-poverty concerts

Sally Goode said: "Busk 8 is our chance to celebrate two years of busking on the Tube and to do our bit to support Live 8.

"We have been very successful playing on the Underground during the last two years, so we're delighted to give up our proceeds for a day and back the aims of the Live 8 campaign."

U2, Pink Floyd and Madonna will play to 200,000 people in London's Hyde Park on Saturday, along with Sir Elton John, Sting, Coldplay and REM as part of the Live 8 anti-poverty series of concerts.

Other cities hosting shows include Paris, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow and Philadelphia, while Cornwall's Eden Project will host African artists.

Record company scouts

Over the past two years at least three buskers have been spotted by record company music scouts.

In March 2005 two entertainers were invited to a music industry reception for the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Steve Charlick, LU operational services manager said: "A huge majority of our three million daily passengers wanted live music on the tube and have warmly supported licensed buskers.

"A little live music seems to help everyone's day along and we believe the scheme has a great future."


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