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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 January 2006, 06:46 GMT
Olympic cycling network unveiled
Artist's impression of local entry points to cycling network
The cycle paths will link to the Olympic Park
A vision for a network of traffic-free walking and cycling routes across London is to be unveiled.

GOAL 2012 (Greenways for Olympics and London) aims to create a 450-mile long sustainable transport system for the Olympic Games and future generations.

It proposes three routes to the Olympic Park in Stratford and a new walking and cycling bridge across the Thames.

Transport charity Sustrans, which is proposing the scheme, said some routes could be up and running by 2007.

Three proposed routes to the Olympic Park will run from Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, Croydon in south London and Wimbledon in south-west London. A new lifting/swing cycle bridge would span the Thames from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf.

'Green' network

One of the key routes is the East London Elevated Greenway which would connect communities in east London directly to the Olympic Park.

Sustrans said the five-mile route, which follows the line of the historic Northern Outfall sewer, will provide a safe and attractive way for local people to get to and from the Games.

John Grimshaw, Sustrans' chief executive, said: "There is already a demand for better cycling and walking routes in the capital.

"And, during the Olympics 78% of spectators will be travelling to the Games from within London, with 4 million people living within a 40-minute cycle ride of an Olympic venue."

Mr Grimshaw said Sustrans was capable of creating "a truly green network to make cycling and walking a realistic and appealing option during the Games and for future generations of Londoners".

Sustrans is working with Transport for London (TfL) on the plans and is asking people to show their support for the scheme by logging onto their website.


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