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Last Updated: Monday, 16 January 2006, 22:58 GMT
Stop announcements tried on buses
Visually impaired people should find London's buses easier to use if plans to introduce next stop announcements prove successful.

The system, similar to the one used on the London Underground network, is being tested on Arriva's route 149 buses, in north London.

Visual displays will be added to help those with hearing difficulties.

Both are part of the iBus project which also aims to improve the accuracy of information on bus stop displays.

The point of this trial is to make sure we get the details right to make it a success
Martin Davey
Transport for London

iBus includes satellite tracking which means all buses will be easier to find and therefore the countdown displays will show correct timings.

After the eight-week trial researchers will ask commuters what they think of the announcements and displays.

It is hoped the systems can be rolled out across London's 90 bus garages in 2007.

Martin Davey, Transport for London's (TfL) Bus iProject Director, said: "iBus has the potential to transform London's bus network, not only in terms of reliability but also in the way people use the buses.

"The point of this trial is to make sure we get the details right to make it a success."

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