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Last Updated: Monday, 6 June, 2005, 20:43 GMT 21:43 UK
Gallery is blessed by Aborigine
Spectrum Fine Art Gallery
Francis Firebrace blessed the gallery
A gallery which features an exhibition of Aboriginal photography has been blessed by an Australian native in full tribal dress and body paint.

Central London's Spectrum Fine Art Gallery was sanctified by Aboriginal tribe leader Francis Firebrace.

He is thought to be one of only two Australian Aborigines who are resident in the UK.

The exhibition by Dennis Morris of his time last year with the little known Mowanjum community, opens on Tuesday.

It showcases images of rites of passage, indigenous ceremonies and ordinary aspects of the daily lives of the people.

Mr Morris first came to prominence through his extensive work with Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols.

He has continued to photograph leading musicians including Oasis, Bush and the Prodigy.

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