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Last Updated: Friday, 23 December 2005, 14:59 GMT
Man has front teeth for Christmas
Craig Pearson
Residents said Craig Pearson is a "lovely guy"
A road sweeper really will be getting two new front teeth for Christmas after people living on his cleaning patch clubbed together to pay for them.

Craig Pearson, who works in Stepney Green, east London, needed to raise 600 to replace the teeth he knocked out in a cycling accident.

The residents of Beaumont Square, where Mr Pearson starts his round, have raised the cash.

Carol Maloney said the residents thought he was a "lovely guy".

Mr Pearson said the cold weather has been making his broken teeth very painful.

Craig Pearson's broken teeth
Craig broke his teeth in a cycling accident

He has been told he has to pay for them to be replaced as the work is considered cosmetic.

Ms Maloney said: "He's always here same time every morning.

"It's as clean as a whistle, all the streets around here.

"He has a chat with everybody during the course of the morning, he knows everyone and he's just a really lovely guy and a great worker and he just deserves it.

Mr Pearson said: "I think it's really nice that they appreciate the work I do and just want to say thank you to them and happy Christmas and have a happy New Year."

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