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Last Updated: Monday, 9 May 2005, 15:37 GMT 16:37 UK
Snooker ace cleared of sex attack
Quinten Hann arrives at Isleworth Crown Court
Mr Hann said the singer was a "kiss and teller"
Snooker star Quinten Hann has been found not guilty of sexually attacking a singer and an actress at his home.

The 27-year-old, from Ealing, west London, had denied two counts of sexual assault after meeting the women in a West End nightclub in August last year.

Mr Hann, ranked 22nd in the world, told Isleworth Crown Court that both women had lied throughout his trial.

After the case, he asked via his solicitor for "all to respect my vindicated character".

'Kiss and tell'

Mr Hann was also acquitted of one count of actual bodily harm and another of common assault.

The five-day trial heard he had been relaxing in the VIP lounge at Chinawhites nightclub, known for its celebrity clientele, when a mutual friend introduced the two women to him.

On the way back to his flat, the court heard, Mr Hann made it clear to the 18-year-old actress that he found her attractive. But when she rejected his advances, he said he accepted the situation.

The women, however, had claimed that Mr Hann behaved like a "crazed animal" and said they thought they were going to die.

Snooker player Quinten Hann
Mr Hann said he wants to return to being a professional snooker player

One said she was repeatedly struck as she lay on the ground and left bloodied and bruised and holding a smashed tooth.

But Mr Hann branded the 32-year-old singer - who also claimed to have been seriously injured - as a "kiss and teller" after she was paid 1,000 for her story by a national newspaper.


The Crown said it did accept the singer's evidence was "undermined" after she was shown to have lied on oath.

Her claim that she was still suffering a swollen ankle was dismissed by a doctor in court. She also falsely denied being paid 1,000 by a national newspaper for her story.

The snooker player denied striking the woman, explaining his mother had always taught him never to raise a hand to a woman.

The jury of three men and nine women, who took three hours to reach a verdict, were not told Mr Hann had been cleared by an Old Bailey jury in 2002 of raping a student in London's Savoy Hotel.

A statement read out after the case by Mr Hann's solicitor, Adam Mir, said he wanted "all to respect my vindicated character" and wished to have "an opportunity to return to my life as a professional snooker player".

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