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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 December 2005, 16:23 GMT
US and UK peace protesters meet
Cindy Sheehan
Cindy Sheehan's son Casey was killed last year at the age of 24
Two peace campaigners who have become the faces of the anti-war movement in the UK and the US have meet.

Cindy Sheehan, a Californian mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq, visited Brian Haw who has held a four-year anti-war vigil outside Parliament.

Both campaigners are calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Mr Haw, from Worcestershire, wrote her a letter of support during a protest at the President's Texas ranch in which she demanded a meeting with Bush.

At the meeting on Sunday afternoon, the pair chatted as a small crowd looked on, before Mr Haw showed her photographs of suffering Iraqi children, said Emma Sangster, a supporter of Mr Haw.

It was during Ms Sheehan's ranch protest in August that she became the focus for anti-war sentiment and her peace vigil became known as Camp Casey, after her 24-year-old son who was killed in 2004.

Anti-war protester Brian Haw
Brian Haw sleeps under a plastic sheet in Parliament Square

She says she plans to return to Crawford, Texas, to continue to press her request for a meeting with President Bush. She has also co-founded Gold Star Families for Peace.

Mr Haw, a 56-year-old father of seven and now a grandfather, has devoted the past four years to camping in Parliament Square surrounded by anti-war placards and sleeping under a plastic sheet.

The government became so frustrated with the lone protester that new laws were introduced banning unauthorised protests near parliament.

But Mr Haw successfully fought off the attempt to evict him in the High Court, by arguing his protest pre-dated the legislation.

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