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Last Updated: Saturday, 10 December 2005, 09:52 GMT
Male nude print is flop with men
Edd Pearman's offending male nude
Edd Pearman's male nude received dozens of complaints
A gallery has replaced a painting of a naked man with a female nude after it received dozens of complaints.

The Mark Jason Gallery, in Bell Street, Marylebone, removed the offending image by artist Edd Pearman after more than 30 men voiced their objection.

Some said the picture would upset women, others said it was pornographic.

Mark Jason said: "We did not anticipate just how uncomfortable and angry London men would feel about Edd's screenprint of the naked man."

He added: "It all comes down to the fact that the British feel compelled to sexualise everything, and also that female nudity is deemed as more acceptable to the general public than equivalent male nakedness.

"I resent having been forced into this situation, and would have rather stuck to my guns as a matter of principle, but to be honest, the amount of people walking in off the street to express their displeasure almost equalled the amount of people wanting to buy the images."

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