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Last Updated: Monday, 28 November 2005, 18:41 GMT
5m divorce payout row continues
Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller was married for less than three years
A multi-millionaire is to challenge an order to pay his ex-wife a 5m divorce settlement in the House of Lords.

Earlier this year Alan Miller lost an appeal against the size of the payout to his former wife Melissa.

He had been ordered to pay a 2.7m lump sum and pay off the mortgage on a 2.3m home in Chelsea, west London, after less than three years of marriage.

If he is successful it could result in payments to spouses who have only been married for short periods being cut.

Mr Miller's solicitor, Ray Tooth, said his client had been granted the right to appeal by the House of Lords last week and the case was due to be heard on 30 January.

Other woman

Mr Tooth said: "There's no doubt it's going to clarify the law in at least three major respects: the question of financial expectation on marriage, marital conduct and the approach to finance regarding short, childless marriages."

In July, judges dismissed Mr Miller's appeal saying the ruling was not excessive when assessed against his overall wealth.

Mr Miller's wealth was estimated at around 17.5m and he also had shares valued at between 12.35m and 18.11m.

At the appeal, the court heard other factors taken into account were that the marriage broke down because Mr Miller, 41, went off with another woman.

And by marrying Melissa, 35, he had given her an expectation of a significantly better standard of living.

Husband loses 5m pay-out appeal
29 Jul 05 |  London


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