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City banker widow relives murder
John Monckton, his wife Homeyra and their two daughters Isobel, 9, and Sabrina, 12.
John Monckton and his wife were attacked in their home
The widow of City banker John Monckton has broken down in the witness box reliving the moment robbers stabbed her husband to death in their family home.

Homeyra Monckton, 46, was also stabbed last November, when two men forced their way into their Chelsea home in west London, the Old Bailey heard.

Her husband unhooked the chain and started shouting "no", she said.

Damien Hanson and Elliot White, both 24, deny the murder of Mr Monckton and the attempted murder of Mrs Monckton.

Mr Hanson, of no fixed address, denies robbery while Mr White, from Shepherds Bush, west London, admitted it. Both deny wounding with intent.

'Postman Pat'

Mrs Monckton told how her husband, 49, had arrived home early at 1900 GMT on 29 November last year while she was giving their nine-year-old daughter Isobel a bath.

Half an hour later the doorbell rang and the caller told Mrs Monckton over a door entry system that he had a parcel for her husband.

Her husband first looked through the spyhole before opening the door with the security chain on, she said.

It was then that the men burst inside, one of whom she described as looking like Postman Pat, and the couple were unable to push them out.

He [John Monckton] was struggling and I was thinking that I was dying and he would survive, he looked so strong
Homeyra Monckton

"One man came in with a balaclava disguise. He came through and stabbed me the first time," Mrs Monckton said.

"All I could think about was there was a panic alarm in the bedroom on the first floor and I needed to get up there. I was stabbed as I was going up.

"I did not know I was stabbed - there was no pain. But I could not feel anything in my legs."

The man who had stabbed her then asked for her rings and watch "very calmly, very coldly", she told the court.

"I was now focussed on my husband. He was struggling and I was thinking that I was dying and he would survive, he looked so strong."

Mrs Monckton then asked her daughter to come downstairs to close the front door.

'Obsession with the rich'

The court earlier heard police found copies of the Sunday Times Rich List and the Mail on Sunday's Rich Report when they searched Mr Hanson's room at a bail hostel in Streatham, south London.

Richard Horwell, prosecuting, described Mr Hanson as having an "interest and obsession with the rich".

The court also heard Mr Hanson was released from a jail sentence for attempted murder and robbery only three months before he allegedly murdered Mr Monckton.

Mr Horwell had said there was no scientific evidence linking Mr Hanson to the scene of the murder but traces of Mr White's blood were found at Mr Monckton's home.

The trial continues.

Details of what the Old Bailey heard

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