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Last Updated: Monday, 18 April, 2005, 07:33 GMT 08:33 UK
TV ads to promote London cycling
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Transport for London (TfL) has launched a series of TV ads to promote cycling.

The one minute slots, to be shown over the next two weeks, will show biking experiences of families, young professionals and children.

TfL says cycling is growing faster in London than anywhere in the UK and that spring is a good time to get the bikes out of the shed.

On Monday, TfL also launched a fund to support community groups, schools and businesses that promote cycling.

Rose Ades, head of London's Cycling Centre of Excellence, said: "Cycling is a great way to enjoy the parks and get a fresh view of London, particularly now that facilities are improving and there are many more cyclists around.

'Perfect time'

"Unfortunately, there are lots of bikes around that have not been out for a spin in years.

"Spring is the perfect time to get your bike out, explore the city and improve your health."

TfL said it was committed to making London a safe and cycle friendly city and is increasing investment in cycling by 40% in 2005/06.

By 2010, TfL want to see an 80% rise in cycling levels since the year 2000.



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