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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 November 2005, 15:50 GMT
Pc poser tricks way into station
Police helmet
The conman was initially arrested as a suspected terrorist
An impostor dressed in a constable's uniform has managed to con his way into a busy London police station.

The 20-year-old man, carrying handcuffs and pepper spray, duped an officer into accompanying him into London's West End Central police station.

It is understood he attended a morning meeting on 11 November which covered information about bomb threats.

But his cover was foiled when another officer became suspicious. He was later arrested for impersonating a policeman.

Police also arrested him for possession of a firearm, thought to be pepper spray, and bailed him until January 2006.

It does sound quite shocking that somebody could so casually get into a police station
Jenny Jones, member of the Metropolitan Police Authority

The man had initially been arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

A Metropolitan Police (Met) spokesman said: "The police officer who accompanied him whilst in the police station had believed him to be a colleague.

"There will be no formal inquiry because there was no breach of security but we are always mindful of how to make police stations more secure."

Jenny Jones, of the Metropolitan Police Authority, which holds the Met to account, told BBC News: "It does sound quite shocking that somebody could so casually get into a police station.

"In my experience as an MPA member, it's incredibly difficult to get in so I'm really surprised that it actually took place. I'm just hoping that this is a real one-off."

She added that the fact there was no formal inquiry suggested it had been a simple mistake.

On entering a station, police officers would usually show their warrant card to security staff.

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