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Last Updated: Monday, 14 November 2005, 21:47 GMT
Dock worker finds stowaway python
A python
The stowaway snake is thought to be an African species of Python
A nine-foot snake, thought to have stowed away on a ship sailing from Africa to London, has been found in the vessel's rope locker.

A dock worker made the discovery at Tilbury, east London, and the African Rock Python is now being cared for at an animal rescue centre.

Iain Newby, who runs the specialist sanctuary near Southend, Essex, said he would try to find it a new home.

"It's in quite good condition but it's quite aggressive," he said.

Mr Newby said he would look for an experienced reptile handler in the UK to take care of the reptile.

Pythons constrict their prey by wrapping their body around them before they have time to react.

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