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Last Updated: Tuesday, 8 November 2005, 11:50 GMT
Life for cabbie who murdered wife
A cab driver who murdered his wife, then shot her "interfering" brother, has been jailed for life.

Zubair Khan, 32, from West Yorkshire, inflicted 20 wounds on his wife Shaukat in a "frenzied" knife attack at a house in Forest Gate, east London.

Her brother Sinaullah Khan, 35, was then shot in the assault in July 2003.

An Old Bailey judge said Khan had "deprived his... children of the love and support of their mother" and ruled he should serve at least 18 years.

'No remorse'

He was also sentenced to 14 years, to run concurrently, for shooting his wife's brother.

"The word remorse is not in your vocabulary," Judge Richard Hone said at the Old Bailey.

The prosecution claimed Khan launched the attack believing his brother-in-law exercised too much influence over his Shaukat and their children.

The couple had married in Pakistan in July 1995 but less than two years later he wanted a divorce, the court heard.

His wife moved out of their home in Bradford in 2003 to live with her sister.

Neck wounds

Khan drove from his home in Bradford to London and had sex with her before launching the assault.

A knife with a 6in blade was found beside Mrs Khan who was discovered in a pool of blood.

She had wounds to her neck and throat despite having tried to defend herself by scratching Khan with her fingernails.

At the time she had been in the house with their children, aged three, five and seven.

Khan drove back to Bradford, dropping the children off with relatives, before returning to London.

He then drove to Sinaullah Khan's home in Forest Gate, east London, and shot him.

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