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Last Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005, 16:43 GMT
Call to curb bomb-like fireworks
Fireworks exploding
Only 12 shops in Westminster applied to sell fireworks
Shops in a London borough have been asked not to sell fireworks over fears the bangs could cause distress in the wake of the July bomb attacks.

Letters from Westminster Council were sent to 20 shopkeepers saying the sound of explosions could cause concern to Londoners left nervous by the bombings.

As a result only 12 businesses have registered to sell fireworks.

One member of the public has already reported a firework explosion to the police, mistaking it for a bomb.

The letter had the backing of the Metropolitan Police and London Fire Brigade.

'State of shock'

The letter states: "You will be acutely aware of the recent explosions and subsequent attacks on London's transport system.

"This has, understandably, left many in a state of shock, nervousness and continued vigilance.

"It is expected that the sound of an explosion is likely to cause considerable distress to those nearby."

Councillor Audrey Lewis, cabinet member for community protection, said: "We have requested that traders do not sell fireworks this year but acknowledge that they have every legal right to do so."

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