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Last Updated: Friday, 21 October 2005, 20:17 GMT 21:17 UK
Shopkeeper killer jailed for life
Davinder Minhas-Singh
Minhas-Singh stabbed Mr Fahri several times
A man has been jailed for life for murdering a shopkeeper for two bottles of whisky.

Davinder Minhas-Singh stabbed Mahmut Fahri, 59, four times last December as his accomplice Abdul Qadeer tried to open the till.

Mr Fahri chased the pair after the attack in Wood Green, north London, not realising how badly he was hurt.

The judge said Minhas-Singh must serve a minimum of 30 years and Qadeer was given 12 years for manslaughter.

The court heard Mr Fahri had run his shop for 20 years, was well respected in the community and was a Neighbourhood Watch member.

Mahmut Fahri
Mr Fahri died in hospital following the attack

He often worked long hours alone at the shop in Whittington Road and was targeted by the men, who had been drinking and taking cocaine and cannabis, the court heard.

The night he was attacked, 21 December 2004, Mr Fahri was punched in the face and had chilli thrown in his eyes before being stabbed.

Minhas-Singh and Qadeer did not manage to open the till, but took two bottles of whisky before leaving, the court heard.

Outside court, Detective Chief Inspector Dick Langley said anyone who saw CCTV footage of the robbery would have been "horrified".

My dad worked day and night to pay his taxes and provide for his family
Mahmut Fahri's son

"You can see the hatred on the suspect's face as he stabs the victim," he said.

Minhas-Singh and Qadeer had been living in East Ham, east London, illegally and had been served with orders to leave the UK.

Judge Anthony Morris said they would be automatically deported to their home countries of India and Pakistan on release from prison.

Mr Fahri's son said outside the court: "My dad worked day and night to pay his taxes and provide for his family.

"Now the money will go to keep his killers in jail having three meals a day.

"If they had been deported when they should have been, my father would be alive today."


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