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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 March, 2005, 17:26 GMT
Rap group frontman denies murder
So Solid Crew frontman Megaman denied murdering a man in south London when he appeared in court on Thursday.

The musician appeared at the Old Bailey on Thursday under his real name Dwayne Vincent, with co-defendant Carl Morgan.

Mr Vincent, 25, of Barons Court, and Mr Morgan, 22, from Battersea, both in west London, pleaded not guilty to murdering Colin Scarlett last November.

The pair were remanded in custody and will face a trial at the Old Bailey on 5 September.

Mr Scarlett was shot near his home in Maskell Road, Tooting.

The So Solid Crew is a collective of DJs, singers and MCs from south London.

Their biggest hit was 21 Seconds, released in August 2001.

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