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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 March, 2005, 21:36 GMT
Hit-and-run vehicle is recovered
Kate Sheedy
Kate Sheedy was run over twice by the car
Police believe they have recovered the vehicle which knocked down an 18-year-old student and left her fighting for her life last year.

The white Toyota Previa - registration K855 EFL - was captured on CCTV footage from the County Arms pub in Isleworth, north-west London, in May 2004.

Kate Sheedy was travelling home alone on the bus after an evening celebrating with her school friends in Twickenham.

As she got off the bus she was knocked down near to an industrial estate.

'Horrific injuries'

She noticed the car parked on the industrial estate in Worton House which was just a minute's walk from her home in Isleworth.

The car had its lights out but the engine running.

As she felt slightly uncomfortable she decided to cross to the other side of the road.

She then heard the car revving loudly and then noticed it was heading straight for her. It knocked her down causing her to fall flat on her face.

The driver's wheel ran over her torso and then reversed back over her again before finally driving away.

Det Chf Insp Colin Sutton said: "Kate suffered horrific injuries; every single rib was broken, she suffered internal injuries and lacerations, she has fortunately, made a full recovery.

"Kate believes that there were two people in the car - both males due to their shape/size."

The vehicle is shown on CCTV footage following the bus Ms Sheedy was on, then waiting behind it whilst she gets off, and then a minute later, it is seen moving at high speed.

Police are appealing for information about the vehicle recovered and its owner or driver.


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