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Tribute to 'beautiful' Sally Anne
Sally Anne Bowman
Model Sally Anne Bowman was killed just yards from her home
The family of murdered teenager Sally Anne Bowman have described her as a caring, intelligent young woman who "loved to sing, dance and entertain".

Her mother, Linda, said her daughter "had the face and the singing voice of an angel".

Sally Anne's three sisters, Nicole, Michelle and Danielle, described her as "the best sister you could ask for".

They said she was a "typical teenager" but also a girl with a clear view of where she was going in life.

The young hairdresser had recently won a competition as the face of watch brand, Swatch, and a leading model agency wanted to sign her up.

Karaoke fan

Her mother described her as extremely glamorous, even when she was out shopping in Asda.

"Sally was noticed wherever she went, heads would turn, she knew it and enjoyed every minute," she said.

Her daughter, she said, was a born performer, who loved to sing Celine Dion and Whitney Houston songs during karaoke nights in her local pub.

She was always very hyperactive, never sat down and she could always make you laugh
Sally Anne's sisters

Her three sisters described the fun-loving teenager as a drama queen who loved the limelight and was hugely entertaining to her family and friends.

"Sally was such a performer, only last week she moved the coffee table out of the middle of the living room and danced around in front of the mirror.

"She was always very hyperactive, never sat down and she could always make you laugh," they said in a statement.

Vogue ambitions

The 18-year-old also had big ambitions for the future.

Her mother said that Sally Anne "had achieved everything she set out to do in life" and that she "never gave up on anything".

"I only wish she made her front cover of Vogue, and if this could be made possible now this means all her dreams would become true.

"At least her murderer could not take that from her."



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