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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 March, 2005, 09:38 GMT
Black cabs go green to fight CO2
A Radio Taxis cab
Investing in renewable energy schemes offsets cab emissions
One of London's biggest black cab firms is going green by spending 100,000 each year on offsetting its carbon dioxide emissions.

Radio Taxis is giving 80% of the cash to overseas renewable energy projects like solar panels in Sir Lanka and a Bulgarian hydro-electric plant.

The remaining 20% is set to be spent on forestry projects both across the UK and in Germany.

Radio Taxis says it emits almost 24,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

The company says it is also committed to ensuring emissions from its vehicles are as low as possible but admits this is difficult as the majority of its drivers own their own vehicles.

'Business sense'

It is also working with manufacturers to create more environmentally friendly cabs and changing to a green electricity supplier for its offices.

Andrew Herbert, commercial director of Radio Taxis, which has a fleet of 3,000 black cabs and 80 executive cars, said the aim was to become a "responsible" business.

He said: "In the transport sector the challenge is to balance the need to travel with the needs of the environment.

"We also believe that facing up to climate change makes business sense.

"Our corporate customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability in their supply chain, and our private customers can be assured that this is the most environmentally responsible and safest taxi journey they can take."

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