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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 February, 2005, 11:54 GMT
Pregnant girl hurt in knife fight
A pregnant teenager was hurt when a knife fight broke out on a rush hour London Underground train.

The girl, 15, was slashed with a meat cleaver by her boyfriend as he tried to fight four youths on a crowded Central Line train on Wednesday evening.

Passengers watched as the fight spilled from the platform at Mile End station, in east London, onto a carriage.

Four youths have been arrested and bailed. The girl received hospital treatment for a wound to her arm.

Three-hour delays

The four youths had fled with a stolen bag but police were alerted by a member of the railway staff and were arrested on a bus outside the station.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said the victim would not press charges.

He added: "The fight spilled on to a stationary train which obviously frightened other passengers."

Eastbound trains did not stop at Mile End for three hours while forensic teams searched for clues.

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