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'Best shopping street' in London
Oxford Street
Deptford High Street beat well-known Oxford Street for the title
Deptford High Street is London's best place to shop, according to a mathematical formula devised for the Yellow Pages business directory.

It reveals that it is the city's most diverse and vibrant high street.

The formula, which defines High Street Diversity, is based on basics, choice, and mix, and takes into account the type of shops available.

The south London high street beat more well-known places like Oxford Street and Kensington High Street.

Retail and consumer trends expert Tim Dennison, who was commissioned by Yellow Pages to develop the formula, said: "This is genuinely groundbreaking work as there has never been a mathematical way to measure the diversity of a high street before."

1. Deptford
2. Kensington
3. Sutton
4. Streatham
5. Peckham
6. Barnet
7. Twickenham
8. Bromley
9. Putney
10. Beckenham

He said the research should give shoppers some food for thought when they plan their next spending trip.

Richard Duggleby, head of external relations at Yell, publisher of Yellow Pages directories, said: "Our data shows that many London high streets offer this mix.

"But what's fascinating is that some of the smaller pockets of London are also well able to service our needs.

"Big isn't necessarily best when it comes to shopping."

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