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'Serial killer's victim' to stand as MP
By Louise Scrivens
BBC News, London

Tina Harvey
Tina Harvey first got involved in politics in 1997
A woman's two year campaign to reopen the case of a serial killer has led her to consider standing in the forthcoming general elections.

On 13 December 2002, mother-of-two Tina Harvey had just qualified as a masseur when she claims Anthony Hardy, dubbed the Camden ripper, raped and tried to kill her.

Hardy was given three life sentences in November 2003 for murdering three prostitutes to satisfy his "depraved and perverted" sexual cravings.

After the case the Metropolitan Police confirmed that Hardy had been investigated for three other rapes but there was insufficient evidence to bring the case against him.

'Brick wall'

Ms Harvey was one of those cases and has since been battling to see him convicted for the alleged attack.

"Over the last two years I feel like I've been bashing my head against a brick wall," she told BBC News.

"I've tried the legal process and the political process and got no where, now I think it's personal."

This case is about the dead victim's of the Camden Ripper, but I am a living victim and not getting justice in our courts
Tina Harvey
The 40-year-old grandmother has said she wants to stand against David Lammy MP in the Tottenham North seat.

Mr Lammy is in charge of the department of constitutional affairs, which grants legal aid to victims of crime.

Ms Harvey has had legal aid to get her case reopened refused twice and said standing against him would help to highlight her situation.

"I know I don't have much of a chance but I'm ready to take on the challenge and to take my case to another level," she said.

Ms Harvey, who will stand as an independent candidate, visited residents in Tottenham to find out what changes they want to see in their area.

"My main priority will be calls to reform the criminal justice system to enable victims of crime to get better access to justice," she said.

She is also trying to rally support for a 10-minute bill in the House of Commons.

Anthony Hardy
Anthony Hardy admitted killing three women in 2003
The former glamour model first got involved in politics when her son was being bullied at school in 1997.

She eventually removed him from the school and secured funding so he could be taught at home - he is due to go to university this year.

Ms Harvey then stood in the 2001 general elections in Northampton calling for education reforms.

The mother-of-two said since the alleged attack she has "devoted all her time" fighting for legal aid to get her case heard.

'Case dropped'

She claims her evidence in the case along with another alleged victim led the police to broaden their search in the hunt to find the bodies of Hardy's victims.

"When it came to the court case the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided that because he had denied the attack on me but admitted killing three women, my case was dropped," she said.

A CPS spokeswoman confirmed that they did receive a police file in relation to Ms Harvey and three other alleged victims with charges of rape and indecent assault.

"After lengthy consultation with various bodies we decided that there was insufficient evidence for a realistic conviction," she said.

David Lammy MP
Tina Harvey plans to stand against MP David Lammy
The spokeswoman added Hardy was due to go on trial for the attacks on 25 November but on the same day changed his plea to guilty in relation to three charges of murder.

A recent High Court hearing upheld a decision not to hold a public inquiry into why he was released from a psychiatric hospital prior to the attacks.

Ms Harvey interrupted those proceedings to show her disgust at the ruling.

"This case is about the dead victims of the Camden Ripper, but I am a living victim and not getting justice in our courts," she said.

Sex killer inquiry is dismissed
21 Jan 05 |  London

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