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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 February, 2005, 21:19 GMT
Londoners 'wealthiest in the UK'
Londoners' salaries are 40% higher than the national average
Workers in London are wealthier than anywhere else in the UK, despite the high cost of living, a survey says.

The research by website payfinder.com calculated "wealth indexes" or the amount of cash available to workers after standard living costs.

The cost of living in London is 9.7% above the national average, but average salaries of 30,984 are nearly 40% above a UK average of 22,411.

Northern Ireland, with its well below average wage, was bottom of the league.

Meanwhile workers in Wales are worse off than Londoners.

Wealth indexes by region
London - 129
South East - 107
Scotland - 105
East Midlands - 103
West Midlands - 103

Despite it being considered the cheapest place to live, with a cost of living 6.9% below the national average, the average salary there is 10% lower than the national average.

A spokesman for payfinder.com said Londoners have always earned higher wages than the rest of the country but it was thought the extra income was out-weighed by higher living costs.

"However, by taking this cost into account we see that in fact Londoners are better off," he said.

"Those looking forward to moving to the so-called easy life in the country would do well to consider this wealth index first."

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