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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 September 2005, 12:23 GMT 13:23 UK
Crowds flock to Brick Lane party
Brick Lane Festival from 2002
Two chefs will attempt a world record for the world's largest curry
Thousands have descended on east London's Brick Lane for a festival of music, dancing, food and fashion.

A global mix of RnB, Bhangra and Sitar Fusion will bring the street alive for the 60,000 expected to attend the annual event, say organisers.

Among the attractions were all-day street theatre, a fashion show and a bid to break the world record for the largest curry using two tonnes of rice.

The festival opened at midday on Sunday and runs until the early evening.

A spokesman for the festival said: "This year what we have on offer is a line up of music that brings together all the communities with Bangladeshi and mainstream music.

"We have a fashion show that is promoting the best of Eastern designers and makers. And in terms of food, of course, Brick Lane is famous for the curry."


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