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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 February, 2005, 08:53 GMT
Stars call for end to gun culture
Big Brovaz
Big Brovaz join the call to 'Put down your guns'
Pop group Sugababes are joining rap and hip-hop stars to film a video calling for an end to gun culture in Britain.

Asher D, Big Brovaz, Maxi Priest and Kele Le Roc will also star in the video for SE14-8's single Put Down Your Guns - Let The Light Shine In.

The video will be filmed in New Cross, south east London, on Thursday.

The song will be released as part of a gun amnesty planned for April, allowing people to hand in firearms before tougher new laws are introduced.

There were 10,670 recorded firearms offences in England and Wales in the year to September 2004, according to Home Office figures.

This was up 500 on the previous year.

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